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Embroidered Patches Australia: A Touch of Style to Almost Anything

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Some fashion fads linger around long after they have passed. For example, embroidered patches Australia is on vintage aviator jackets, 1960s clothing, and 1990s denim—yesterday’s trends that are back today. The nostalgic beauty of embroidered custom patches must be due to something. Anything looks fantastic when personalised after all!

Turn your basic wardrobe into fashion staples through patchwork! Here are some of the most well-liked styles, cute and fun ways to style with patches.


Starting quirky, we have phone cases. As fabrics became a thing for phone cases, so did denim covers. It didn’t take long before people started sewing embroidered patches Australia on the back of their phones. Show off your cute, grunge phone case by matching it with your denim outfit!


You read that right! You can use embroidered patches Australia to personalise your accessories! For a pendant, pierce holes onto your patches and put them on gold or silver chains. You may also choose to wear it as the necklace itself! Save money, and have a colourful twist to your classic accessories.


If you like wearing caps, why not place custom patches on them to add sentimental value? This way, you can look cool and stylish, while showcasing the awesome custom patch you designed.


Embroidered detailing is the latest “it” way to design your basic tees so bid farewell to beads and embossed vector graphics. (Or don’t! You can always use more than one medium to express yourself.)

To participate in a craze, all that’s required is a plain tee and a bunch of embroidered patches Australia that are ready to be sewn on. You may patch up your usual shirts, even if you don’t have a denim jacket and jeans to wear them with. Or do you?


Daywear denim is frequently styled with embroidered patches to get that zany vibe. Start by incorporating patch styles into the seams and sleeves of your denim jacket.

With jeans, putting a bold patch over the rear pocket makes it sassy, especially if the patch is sewn-on.

When the weather is particularly hot, but you still want to make a statement with your patches, arrange them in a row across the front seams of your denim shorts.

This is pretty basic and surely a no-fail match. Embroidered patches Australia belongs to denim, no matter what colour of it you want to rock. 


Bomber jackets are a badass piece of apparel, keeping you warm while you’re looking cool, especially if you add embroidered patches Australia to it. Now you’ll look hip, instantly transforming you into a rock star. It goes well with a crew neck T-shirt and ripped jeans.

Your hoodies, track, and varsity jackets may need a revamp, too, so why not add a few pieces of patches to make them look brand new? 


If you feel (or are) adventurous, you can try styling your regular tweed blazers with a couple of custom patches for an unconventional bling and chic look! Blazers automatically make any outfit more polished and sophisticated, but the unique addition of colourful patches will help you stand out fashionably.


In the professional aspect, the most common use of embroidered patches Australia is to display a company logo on employee uniforms. 

Custom-made logo patches are also extensively used in uniformed organisations and sports teams, representing their name and game.

Custom-made patches are easily read and noticed with popping colours and bold letterings. It is a sure way to let people know where you work or what your name is without them having to ask.


One of the best suggestions for adding appeal to the footwear is to add some outstanding embroidered patches Australia to the shoes. Kinda like adding lapel pins on Crocs!

It adds to the whole street-style vibe that many are into nowadays. If this is a look you want to achieve, we recommend adding your patches to your shoes. (It works well with canvas sneakers!)


Backpacks covered in patches are making a comeback (have they ever been gone though?)! Student or not, you can recreate your best rendition of the glory days of the 1990s by attaching a few patches to the front zipper pouch of your backpack.


There are many ways to keep track of all the places you’ve visited—maps, postcards, or keyrings. But custom-made patches have also become a likely choice of keepsakes for travel junkies. These could make it more sentimental than it should be. 


Ultimately, before embroidered patches Australia came to be to style garments, patches only patched up holes on shirts. This must be how it all started.

A garment’s lifespan is extended by concealing flaws and rips in the fabric using custom embroidered patches. They can make even your most outdated jeans look current. Patches with a hot iron will have a glossy backside that will not acquire its adhesive capabilities until heat is applied. Using a hot iron to affix these patches is the simplest method.


As the leading supplier of custom-made embroidered patches in Australia, we have worked on several projects highlighting the skills and abilities of our patch designers. You can undoubtedly find a patch that matches your personality and sense of style among our custom logo patches as they come in various sizes and designs. Contact us today!

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