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We create custom made embroidered patches that fit your unique specifications and requirements.

Whether you need custom made embroidered patches
for your uniforms, caps, bags, and other merchandise, or you simply want to bring your art to life, we are here to help you every step of the way. We have been providing quality custom made patches and have worked with small and big companies at a level of professionalism that are heads and shoulders above our competitors.
Choose from our variety of custom made embroidered patches styles to get started.
custom made embroidered patches

Complete Your Look with Custom Made Embroidered Patches

As the top provider of custom made embroidered patches here in Australia, combined with our years of experience and a team of professionals that are always happy to help our clients with all their artwork patches needs, we have worked with several projects that showcase the skills and abilities of our custom made patches Australia designers.

Our custom made logo patches are available in different sizes and style, so you will definitely find one that will fit your personality and style. Or if you want to custom medal works that are made just for you, then visit us HERE now.

custom made embroidered patches custom sew on patches
custom made embroidered patches

How To Get Custom Patches Made

If you are wondering where to get custom patches made, then you have come to the right place. Our award-winning team of professional designers ensures that when you want to have your own line of custom made embroidered patches, it will be hassle free. Just fill out the contact form provided with relevant details, include your own patch design ideas if you have any and then submit the form. After submission, our team will get back to you right away for additional details regarding the design and any clarifications so we can get started on adding a cool piece of accessory to your collection.

You can also take a look at some of our available free patch designer ideas and combine them to get your own custom made embroidered patches at an affordable price. View some of our custom made patch styles HERE so you can have a general idea on how it will look like.

We Have A Variety of Styles and Color Combinations

If you are wondering or have questions such as “where can I get embroidered patches made”, then we are the leading maker of custom made iron on patches here in Australia. With thousands of available designs and color combinations, you are assured that you can find custom patch design ideas that will reflect the brand and image of you and your company. We provide quality and premium artwork patches at very low prices. Our quality services produce the best results and allow you to fully customise your very own custom made logo patches with multiple size, shape and colour options.

Select from our wide collection of custom made patches Australia that are perfect as souvenirs, token or as promotional items for family and corporate meetings and events. Talk to us for more information regarding our services and get an obligation-free quote for all your custom made patch needs.

custom embroidered patches

Great Patch Style Options

Whether you need custom made iron on patches or custom velcro patches, we have them all. If you want high contrast patch designs that give emphasis on solid colour combinations, then the best patch style option for you is custom made embroidered patches. The thread used in making the patch raises the design, providing a 3D feel and look to the final output. If you want a design that focuses on gradient colour options, then a custom printed patch is the best way to go. This printed patch style allows you to directly print a picture or design to a fabric.

In our woven patches style option, we use thinner threads than the embroidered ones to achieve minute and finer details and a clean and sleek look. Lastly, we also create custom chenille patches that offer a furry texture and appearance. Click HERE if you want to see our patch style options.

Now that you have a general idea on how we work and the type of services that we offer, let us now now get started on your very own custom made patches.

Turn your designs, ideas, and even photographs to life!
The possibilities are endless with our custom patches.