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Woven Patches

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Custom Woven Patches

Custom woven patches use thinner threads as compared to embroidered patches. They are also made with pure thread and no base. The thinner threads allow woven patches to achieve finer and smaller details that cannot be done with embroidery. Woven patches have smooth surface and do not have raised texture. They appear clean and flat and are thinner than the embroidered ones. This is why we have been providing our clients with quality but cheap custom woven patches option that is trusted by top brands.

Create durable and lasting custom woven patch. Our team of highly skilled designers is always happy to guide and help you design your very own perfect custom woven patch Australia that will fit your needs and requests today. We are a company that offer woven patches wholesale and have been in business for several years now, a testament to how much our current and previous clients trust the quality of our services. The number of our repeat clients is also an indicator of how we use quality materials on our custom woven patches, making sure that it will last for a long time.

If you want to have quality woven patch custom, then take a look at our collection and select one that will suit your style  or design your own so that we can get started on your order.

Design consideration: Letters should be at least 2mm high to be readable.

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Custom Woven Patches No Minimum

We create custom woven patches with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colour combinations at affordable prices. You can start from scratch and design your very own woven patch or you can choose one from our collection. We give you 100% freedom on how you want your custom woven patches to look.

Our woven patches custom are perfect if you have fine and intricate details on the design of your personalised woven patch, which is very difficult to do in embroidery. Our patches also have a backing for support and durability. In addition, as personalised woven patches use a thinner thread than embroidered ones, the final output provides a high-resolution and cleaner product look.

Creating and designing personalised woven patches have always been fun, but with the help of our highly skilled team, these tasks have also become easy. No matter how complex your designs are, we are confident that we can transfer the design into your patches.

If you want to have other options, we also offer custom metal works at affordable prices. Visit HERE.

custom woven patches
003 - custom woven patches

Benefits of Personalised Woven Patches

There are several advantages when you order your very own woven patches wholesale now. Our patches are the perfect combination of durability, affordability and look, with thousands of design and color combinations that you can choose from.

First, woven patches custom are ideal as promotional items for your company and, in general, your business. When designing you own line of woven patches, you can add your company’s logo and colours and sew them on your business uniforms so clients can easily identify your employees when they visit your site. In addition, woven patch custom is also a good way to improve your marketing strategy and leave a lasting impression on your clients. Lastly, a woven patch is also ideal as promotional gifts or token for corporate events and meetings.

In connection, our collection of custom woven patches is also suitable for all occasions, including souvenirs for weddings and your best man, as personalised birthday gifts and as gifts for your loved ones.


There are several border types that you can choose from. For regular shapes like circle and rectangular patches, we recommend overlocked border. For irregular shapes, it should be heat cut border.

Overlocked Border

Heat Cut Border


To increase the durability and strength of your own custom patch, we offer the following backing types. Select one and contact us, so we can get started on your very own line  of custom woven patches.

Sew On

Iron On

Stick On