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4 Unique Ways to Incorporate Custom Shoe Patches on Your Collection

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Do you hate having the same old shoes as everyone else? Do you want to add personality and uniqueness to your shoe collection? Look no further than custom shoe patches! Patches on shoes can transform your plain shoes into a statement piece that expresses your personality and style.

In this article, we’ll explore four unique ways to incorporate custom shoe patches into your shoe collection, whether to add subtle flair or make a bold statement. Get ready to have fun and elevate your shoe game with these creative ideas!

Custom Shoe Patches on Sneakers

Here are some ideas for incorporating custom shoe patches on sneakers:

  1. Decorate the tongue: The tongue of a sneaker is a great spot to add an embroidered patch. Choose a patch that reflects your personality, interests, or style.
  2. Customize the heel: Another spot to add an embroidered patch is on the back of the sneaker, near the heel. It is a great place to add a larger patch with a detailed design. You could choose a patch that matches the color of your sneaker or go for a contrasting color for a bold look.
  3. Adorn the side: The sides of sneakers are another option for adding embroidered patches. It works well on canvas sneakers that have a large, flat area on the side. Choose a patch design that complements the color and style of your sneakers.

When choosing a patch for your sneakers, consider the following:

  1. Size: Ensure the patch is the right size for the area you want to decorate. 
  2. Color: Choose a patch that complements the color of your sneakers. You could go for a patch that matches the color of your sneakers for a subtle look or choose a contrasting color for a more eye-catching effect.
  3. Design: Look for a patch design that reflects your personality or interests. It could be a favorite band logo, a sports team emblem, or a design representing a hobby or interest.

Some popular sneakers namely Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, Vans Old Skool, and The Adidas Superstar can be customized with embroidered patches. Many people add embroidered patches to the sides or back of the sneakers. With the latter, its distinctive shell toe can be customized with patches.

custom shoe patches on sneakers

Custom Shoe Patches on Boots

There are several ways to add patches to your boots, including:

  1. Sewing: You can sew them by hand or a sewing machine. This method is best for heavy-duty boots like work boots.
  2. Gluing: You can use fabric glue or a hot glue gun to attach patches to your boots. This method is ideal for fashion boots or boots made of materials that are difficult to sew through.
  3. Ironing: Some patches come with an adhesive backing that can be activated with an iron. This method is quick and easy but may not be as durable as sewing or gluing.

Boots made of leather or canvas are the best boots for patch customization. They are durable and can withstand the weight of the patch without tearing or stretching. Work boots, combat boots, and hiking boots are great options for adding patches, as they are often made of high-quality materials that can handle the weight of the patch.

Here are some examples of boots you can put custom shoe patches on:

  1. Timberland Work Boots are made of high-quality leather and are durable enough to handle heavy patches. Add patches of American flags, military patches, and company logos.
  2. Dr. Martens Combat Boots are made of high-quality leather and have a distinctive style to personalize with patches. Add patches of band logos, political statements, and personal patch designs.
  3. Converse Chuck Taylor Boots are classic canvas boots that are lightweight and comfortable, making them great for fashion patches. Add patches of pop culture references, cartoon characters, and sports team logos.

Custom Shoe Patches on Flats

There are different ways to add custom shoe patches to flats. Here are a few options:

  1. Fabric glue: Fabric glue is a quick and easy way to attach patches to flats. Simply apply a small amount of glue to the back of the patch and press it firmly onto the shoe. 
  2. Iron-on patches: Custom iron-on patches are attached to the fabric with heat. To attach an iron-on patch to a flat, place the patch in the desired location and use a hot iron to apply heat to the patch for several seconds. 
  3. Sewing: If you prefer a more permanent method, you can sew the patch onto the flat by hand or with a sewing machine. Use a needle and thread or a sewing machine to stitch the patch onto the flat. Ensure you match the color of the thread to the color of the patch or the shoe.
  4. Velcro: If you want to change your patches frequently, you can attach custom Velcro patches to the flats. You may purchase custom Velcro patches or sew a small piece of Velcro to the back of the patch and another to the desired location on the shoe. 

Whichever method you choose, ensure the patches are securely attached to the flats and won’t come off during wear.

To make your flats stand out with patches, consider the following:

  1. Contrast: Choose a patch that contrasts with the color of your flats. For example, a brightly colored patch on neutral-colored flats can add a pop of color and draw attention to the patch.
  2. Size: Consider the patch size concerning the size of the flat. A small patch can get lost on a large flat, while a large patch can overwhelm a small flat.
  3. Design: Look for a patch design that reflects your personality or interests. It could be a favorite animal, a symbol representing a hobby or interest, or a pattern that adds visual interest to the flat.

Some flats like ballet flats, espadrilles, and slip-on sneakers can be customized with custom shoe patches. You can add patches to the toe, back, or side for a personalized touch.

custom shoe patches on flats slip-ons

Custom Shoe Patches on Heels

Here are some ideas for incorporating custom shoe patches on heels:

  1. Ankle straps: Add a small patch to the ankle strap of your heels for a subtle touch of embroidery. It works well on sandals or heels with thinner straps.
  2. Toe caps: Add a patch to the toe cap of your heels for a bold statement. It is great for closed-toe heels or boots.
  3. Backs of heels: Add a patch to the back of your heels for a unique touch. It works well on heels with a sling-back design.
  4. Side of heels: Add a patch to the side of your heels for a fun and unexpected detail. It works well on heels with a thicker heel or platform.

When choosing a patch for your heels, consider the color and style of the shoe. Look for patches that complement the color of the shoe and add a pop of contrast or texture. You can also choose a patch design that reflects your style or interests, such as floral patches for a feminine touch or animal patches for a playful touch.

Here are some examples of popular heels with custom shoe patches:

  1. With Jeffrey Campbell Stormy Pointed Toe Bootie, you may add a floral embroidered patch on the toe cap, adding a feminine touch to the edgy design.
  2. With the Dolce Vita Noor Block Heel Sandal, you may add a colorful embroidered patch on the ankle strap, adding a playful touch to the minimalist design.
  3. With Marc Fisher LTD Yale Chelsea Boot, you may add a metallic embroidered star patch on the side, adding subtle but eye-catching detail to the classic design.

Embroidered custom shoe patches add personality and style to your footwear. They can be applied to many different shoes, including flats and heels, and can be used in various ways to create a unique and personalized look.

The possibilities are endless in incorporating Custom Patches Australia into your footwear, making it a fun and creative way to express yourself through fashion.

Why not walk on the wild side and add custom shoe patches on shoes today? You may be surprised at just how much they can transform your look!

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