custom chenille patches


Nothing makes you more nostalgic about high school than varsity letter jackets. Maybe you were one of the athletic ones who get to show off your Letterman jackets in the halls, maybe you were once a proud member of your school sorority, or maybe you just like keeping the school spirit alive. Custom chenille patches and letters were used for recognizing athletes’ accomplishments. It was a big deal and a way to tell everyone about your hard work as a member of the team. Nowadays, custom made patches have become more common even for accessories and other pieces of clothing. 

Chenille patches got its name from the French word for “caterpillar” as it resembles the tiny creature in the way these custom made patches are created. Again, custom chenille patches were originally used in schools and universities for athletic and even academic teams as a way to boldly show off the school logo and colors. Earning your very own varsity jacket would give you the reputation of an esteemed student on and off campus. 


custom chenille patches


As of today, custom chenille patches are utilized more in everyday clothing and other accessories. You can sew them on your personalized blanket and on your bags. As varsity jackets have become more popular as a regular part of most people’s outfits, you can now show off a sporty look wherever you go. 

These custom made patches have become a personal favorite for many because of its bold, fuzzy look. They are great to highlight a certain design, especially bigger ones with less details. If you want to keep the classic chenille look for more detailed designs, you can always combine it with embroidery to include tiny details on your custom patches

Custom Chenille Patches from EmbroideredPatches

Having a great design in mind is the way to start making your own custom chenille patches. For the next step, you need a custom patches maker that will create your personalized patches. At we’ll help you create custom patches for your personal, corporate, or promotional needs!

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