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The Difference Between Custom Woven Patches and Custom Embroidered Patches

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Are you struggling to choose between a custom woven patch and a custom embroidered patch? These small but impactful emblems have become more than just pieces of fabric; they are symbols of identity, belonging, and expression. Whether adorning uniforms, backpacks, or promotional materials, the choice between woven and embroidered patches can significantly influence the aesthetic, durability, and overall message your patches convey.

The main difference between the two is the thickness of the thread used to make them. With custom embroidered patches, a thicker thread makes the design pop, adding style and depth of dimension. On the other hand, custom woven patches use a thinner thread to make the design look softer and smoother.

This article will go into detail about their differences.


custom embroidered patches


For custom embroidered patches, the raised thread in embroidery gives the design a textured appearance and a 3D appearance, adding depth. They have a classy, vintage, and traditional look, best when you need a big patch. The prices may vary based on how much fabric it covers.


  • Embroidered patches look classic
  • This can be done with iron-on backing
  • It is the more popular option


custom embroidered patches woven patches


For custom woven patches, we use thinner and finer threads for custom woven patches as they are good at showing details. It gives a clean and crisp graphic on the patches. It is your best choice if your patch design has many complex details.


  • Price lower than embroidered patches
  • All custom woven patches have 100% coverage
  • Better with fine and small details


Here is a more detailed comparison between the two:


A thicker thread is used with custom embroidered patches to achieve dimensions. We use either polyester or rayon (or both). It is the better choice when you want a bold and appealing patch.

With custom woven patches, the thread used is thinner since its goal is to create a smoother look. Go for it if your design has more intricate details.


The tight weaving technique used in custom woven patch production creates patches that can withstand regular use over extended periods. The woven construction helps prevent fraying and unraveling, contributing to their longevity.

Custom embroidered patches also offer good longevity, although they may not be as durable as custom woven patches. The stitching on embroidered patches can loosen or fray over time, especially with heavy use or exposure to harsh conditions. Proper care and maintenance can help extend the lifespan of embroidered patches.


The stitching on embroidered patches allows them to conform to curved or irregular surfaces. It makes them suitable for application on various items. Its fabric base, typically made of twill or felt, adds flexibility without sacrificing overall integrity.

It’s possible to have your custom woven patch for as small as an inch. It can go on the inside or outside of clothing without a bulky feeling since it does not need a substrate. 

There is only a better patch than the other when its purpose or use matters. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what type of design you like to be on your patch and the style you want.

Whether you opt for the crisp detail of custom woven patches or the timeless texture of custom embroidered patches, both options offer a unique and stylish way to showcase your brand, organization, or personal expression. Consider your needs and preferences carefully to make the best choice for your custom patch project.

The manufacturer of your patches is also a factor. Choose one with expertise and knowledge to provide quality custom-made patches. Choose Embroidered Patches Australia!

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