Consider These 3 Things When Designing Custom Made Patches

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custom made patches


From being accessories to match basic tees and jackets, being bold displays of brand logos on company uniforms, being fun collectible items, to serving as unique mementos of your special occasions, custom made patches indeed has many uses and functions. Designing your own custom made patches nowadays has become quite a breeze, thanks to the many trusted online patch makers like Embroidered Patches. If you need tips in designing your own, here are 3 that you need to consider:



You obviously need to think about what you want your patch to look like and represent. Will it be your company logo? Your favorite Hollywood star? Food, cartoon character, artist, quote? Just simply finalise your design and make sure that that is exactly what you want. You can draw it or look for inspiration in many resources.



Now that you have a design in place, next is to think about where you want your custom embroidered patches to be placed so you can think about its actual size. Online patch makers will always ask for the size of your patch which is very important. Figure out how small or big you want your patch to be displayed on your tee, cap, jacket, etc.

custom made patches


There are many types of patches you can choose – embroidered, woven, chenille, and sublimated. The most common type is embroidered. However, the type of patch you use also depends on your design. To know more about the different types and their requirements, click here.


CUSTOM MADE PATCHES by Embroidered Patches

We are a seasoned and excellent patch maker and we guarantee to provide high quality custom made patches. Simply send us your design, concept or brief, and we’ll work on creating an artwork or mock up of your patch and send it to you for free. You can have revisions made limitlessly until you are fully satisfied and happy! What are you waiting for? Let us turn your awesome design ideas into fun custom patches!

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