What are Custom Chenille Patches and How Can You Use Them?

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custom chenille patches

We are constantly looking for different types of patches that would fit our style. The most classic one is an embroidered leather patch which would fit every look you want. Some patches are more common than others while other patches are more of an acquired taste. Custom Chenille patches are the most popular fashion trend if you want to upgrade your look. They might be small but if used properly can completely change your whole look.



From the French word “caterpillar” which it resembles, it is a soft, fuzzy fabric. It is made by placing short lengths of yarn between two “core” yarns and then twisting them all together. This is what gives chenille its softness and characteristic look. It works best for bigger designs that is why chenille is a big stitch. If it is necessary to execute smaller details, you can combine chenille with embroidery. Yarn density is very important in creating good custom chenille patches. Your patches are not the place for bald spots! Custom chenille patches are backed with stiffened felt, which is later used to attach them to the jacket.


What are the characteristics of custom chenille patches?

Soft and Fuzzy.

A result of the short piles of materials on each strand with the use of fuzzy fabric and yarn.

Nice drape.

What led to its popularity in garments in recent years is that is has a beautiful soft drape.


Chenille fabric is extremely durable. However, it does have a tendency to shrink and stretch, so care instructions should be followed closely.


When the fabric and yarn catches the light at right angles, this can make the fabric appear shiny and iridescent even though the fibres used to make chenille are not inherently shiny.


How is it made?

Today, the manufacturing process for chenille is standardized. Chenille’s production method has evolved over time.

  • Chenille is made by placing short lengths of yarn between two core yarns and then twisting the yarn together.
  • Then, the wrapped yarns form loops, which are then cut into the fuzzy pile typical of chenille.
  • These piles sometimes have a tendency to come loose, which can lead to bare patches in the fabric, so low-melt nylon is incorporated in the core of the yarn.
  • The yarn is then steamed to make sure the pile stays put.
  • From there, the yarn is woven to form chenille fabric.


custom chenille patches

What is it made for?

Chenille was originally used for bedspreads, rugs and linens but over time its usage has expanded into garments fashion accessories.

Carpets and rugs.

One of the primary uses for chenille is by making rugs and carpets. Chenille carpeting is durable with a soft, deep pile. The dense concentration of the fuzzy yarn creates a very plush product.

Blankets and throws.

The soft, fuzzy material is perfect for warm bedspreads or accent throws on couches and chairs.

Home decor.

Chenille upholstery fabric is very popular for chairs, couches, and pillows, and chenille is also ideal for drapery fabric and window coverings.


Chenille was initially developed as a textile to make shawls thanks to its soft feel and beautiful drape.


In recent years, with the increased production of chenille, the textile has become popular for garments, such as dresses, blouses, and more.


Just like any custom patches or custom embroidered patches, it all starts and is about the idea. To achieve the best custom chenille patches, you need to start with a plan. Custom chenille patches are not ideal for small, intricate details. They can be combined with traditional embroidery to make something more dynamic and eye-catching. Excellent craftsmanship and quality materials will also make a big difference when it comes to you custom patch designs. A good note to remember, custom patches can be crafted in any size and shape so sky is the limit. Custom chenille patches are more expensive than standard custom embroidered patches due to the process and machinery it takes to produce them. They are a worthy option if you want to craft a fashion item, a high school-related patch, or just a patch that catches attention. Custom chenille patches are popular for a good reason. They are durable, stylish, dependable and always impressive.


Custom patches in Australia are a growing business. A lot of people turn to custom patches to make their own style more different than others. Patches offer another sense of depth and edge when used and placed properly. But it is not always and any patches, a good quality patch made from top-quality products will help you achieve that. Here at Embroidered Patches, we create patches perfect for you with the use of the newest technology so you are assured that every product is sleek and modern.



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