3 Unique Ways To Style Custom Made Patches

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custom made patches

You can strut your custom made patches in many ways. Just as you can design your own custom patches with different materials and numerous textures, showing off your custom made patches does not end on your favorite denim jacket or your plain tees. You can use patches to upgrade any piece of clothing, but you can even take it further with your accessories. Here are three ways to style patches that you may want to try the next time you’re looking for creative ways to upgrade your look.




You read it right, custom made patches can be used to personalize your accessories! It’s cheaper, and can be done on your own by piercing holes in your patches and putting them on gold or silver chains. Not only will you save money, but this simple DIY project will result in a colorful twist to your classic accessories.



custom made patches


Phone cases now come in plastic, silicone, rubber, wooden, leather, and fabric variants. As fabrics became trendy for phone cases, denim covers started becoming popular too. It didn’t take long before people started sewing custom embroidered patches at the back of their phones. Show off your cute, grunge phone case by matching it with your denim outfit!



custom made patches

If you are the adventurous type, you can try styling your regular tweed blazers with a couple of custom patches for an unconventional chic look! Blazers automatically make any outfit more polished and sophisticated, but the unique addition of colorful patches will help you stand out fashionably.


Custom Made Patches from EmbroideredPatches.com.au

Let out your creative side and work with us in creating your custom made patches! We are a trusted maker and manufacturer of high quality custom patches of any kind. Send us your design today and receive a free custom patch mockup with unlimited revisions available to guarantee your satisfaction.

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