5 Tips On Designing Custom Made Patches

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Custom made patches are always fun to wear. They serve many uses, from being bold displays of identification on uniforms, being wearable keepsakes from your travels, to being unique additions to your outfit for a dash of personal style. But the fun doesn’t start only when wearing them, custom patches are also fun to make! Here are some tips on designing your perfect patch depending on the colors, design, and usage:


Draw your design.

First, try to picture the idea you have in mind for your custom patches. Once you have the final design, put this into paper and draw out everything you had in mind. Include even the tiniest details and use pens to specify the colors. 


Consider the size.

Small patches go great for children’s clothes and smaller accessories like hats and pockets. Big patches are best for sports jerseys or leather jackets. Some of your valuables like instruments and cases for equipment can also be embedded with big, bold patches for personalization. 


Choose the right type.

There are several types of custom made patches that you can choose from. Each of them are good for specific uses and designs. You can learn more about the types of patches here. (link previous blog on types of patches if possible) 


Go bold.

No matter what size or design you want, make it a point to make your custom patches pop out, may it be with the colors you use, the text, or the image. Patches are known for being bold-looking decorations on fabric, especially with custom embroidered patches that use solid colors and show off a 3D look.


Choose a trusted manufacturer of custom made patches. 

Great custom made patches are the result of choosing the right people to help you create your designs. Look for those who will let you have all the freedom in designing your patches and those with lots of experience with the task. 


We will help you create your custom embroidered, woven, sublimated, and chenille patches, but we leave the fun part in your hands. Our embroidered patch maker will let your creativity flow in designing unique patches and we will be giving you a free patch mockup to review your creation. 

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