The Difference Between Custom Embroidered Patches and Custom Woven Patches

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custom embrpidered patches

Are you struggling to choose between a custom embroidered patch and a custom woven patch? The only main difference between the 2 is the thickness of the thread being used. When making custom embroidered patches, a thicker thread is used to make the design pop out and add another style and depth of dimension, on the other hand, custom woven patches uses a thinner thread to make the design appeal softer and a smoother look. In this article, we are going to talk more about the difference between the two.


custom embroidered patches


It might look messy when you contain too much information and detail in a small patch but they have a classy, vintage and traditional look. It can be done with or without embroidered patches. The prices may vary from the percentage that it covers on the fabric. It can be done with or without embroidered patches.


  • Embroidered Patches looks classic.
  • Can be done with iron on backing
  • Different tapes of custom patches for choice.
  • It is the more popular option
  • It gives a three-dimensional look


custom embroidered patches woven patches


Thinner and finer threads are used for woven patches compared to embroidered patches which show the detail and small lettering more that is why they are good at showing details. It gives a clean and crisp graphic on the patches. Sizes are very flexible but it depends on your needs. If your design has many information and details put on the patch then you need a bigger one.


  • Price lower than Embroidered Patches
  • All woven patches have 100% coverage
  • Have the ability to clean and smaller lettering
  • Less bulky
  • Better with fine and small details


In conclusion, custom embroidered patches are suitable for who want their patches looks classic while custom woven patches are best suit for who are looking for detailed and high resolution patches.

Here are some of the more detailed difference between the two:


Although both are created using thread, there is a difference between the thread being used. In custom embroidered patches, the goal is to offer a unique depth so thicker style of thread is used. With custom woven patches, since its goal is to create a smoother look a thinner thread is used. Both styles of thread are durable and boldly colourful but woven together, they create two separate one-of-a-kind look. If your design has more intricate details and design then a custom woven patch is for you but if you are looking for bold and eye-catching patch, a custom embroidered patch is the best fit for you.


A regular plain white or coloured background is the most common thing to picture a patch on and this is a traditional substrate that everyone uses in all embroidered patches, custom or not. The thread is embroidered onto a substrate to create a patch with a classic thickness. Woven patches on the other hand, don’t use a substrate but instead the thread is woven together and the finished product becomes the patch. This technique yields a thinner, more flexible patch.


The style or design you choose and the amount of detail in your artwork will determine the kind of patch you are fit for. If you are looking for a finely detailed patch the thicker thread may not be able to display the details you want. A woven patch can offer you to display the finest detail you want in your patch. If you want your patch to be more appealing and pop-out then a custom embroidered patch is the best fit for you.


Due to material and production process, a woven patch can be made in much smaller size without losing integrity. They can go on the inside or outside of clothing without any bulking feeling since it does not need a substrate to be put on unlike the embroidered patch. Thinner threads provide a level of flexibility that makes the patch more versatile compared to embroidered ones.

If you are thinking to invest into custom patches, there are no patches better than the other; it all comes down to what type of design you like to be on your patch and the style you want. The company you would like to have your patches created also is a big factor. You should choose a company who has the expertise and knowledge. offer top-quality service and top-quality products.

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