Common Uses of Custom Embroidered Patches

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We have been turning many of your custom designs into actual patches for your specific needs. But one type of custom made patches has been a crowd favorite since day one – custom embroidered patches. Its popularity among customers certainly isn’t by accident. Custom embroidered patches are proven to be the best choice for its uses suit most customers’ needs.



The most traditional use of custom embroidered patches is to display a company logo right on their employee uniforms. Custom made patches are easy to read and notice from its popping colors and bold letterings. This is a sure way to display who you work for or your name, instead of a nametag.



An easy way to identify sports teams is by looking at the custom patches on their uniforms, bags, and even equipment. Still, because of their customizable and easy-to-spot features, teams prefer custom embroidered patches to show off which team they’re on.



There are many ways to keep track of all the places you’ve visited – maps, postcards, or keyrings. But custom made patches have also become a likely choice for travel junkies. Your custom patches that act as keepsakes from your adventures can be attached to your favorite jacket or bag. You can also show off wherever destinations you’re off to.



Your favorite pieces of clothing or bags already reflect your own personal style. But you can make it even more uniquely yours. Attach some custom patches with designs of your favorites: books, animals, sports, artists, trends, or any of your interests. Display your hobbies and passion the fun way! 


Are you planning to get your hands on custom embroidered patches for any of these uses? We don’t just create custom patches! You may also check out the different types of custom made patches we can personalize for you here. Give us the designs you want, and we’ll certainly send you a free custom patch mockup!

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